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The program will have new research activities for participants that you may complete from time to time. VA All of Us staff are available to support you by phone (833) 805-0426.

What is All of Us Research Program at VA?


The Department of Veterans Affairs is a part of the All of Us Research Program, from the National Institutes of Health. The goal of All of Us is to help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy.

Researchers need you to join to make sure Veterans are represented in this important research.

People who join will share information. This might be about their health, habits, and what it’s like where they live. It might also be about family history and genes.

Your participation may help researchers to further health research, which may improve health for everyone.

All of Us works closely with the Million Veteran Program (MVP), but it is not the same program. By working together, we may change the future of health. You can join both.

Hear What Our Veterans Have to Say About All of Us

Quote from Karen, RN, MAJ

"Research is a major player in the search to help veterans and our unique illnesses. The All of Us Research Program is an initiative that may play an important role in the effort to keep veterans healthy and able to lead productive lives."
Karen, RN, MAJ Army Nurse Corps, Retired